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Integrated Practice Assessment Tool (IPAT)

The authors of the Integrated Practice Assessment Tool (IPAT) have devised this tool to place practices on the level of collaboration/integration defined by A Standard Framework for Levels of Integrated Healthcare issue brief. The IPAT uses a decision tree model rather than a metric model. This more accurately mirrors the issue brief tables, and avoids the need to weigh responses to questions, which may result in an in between assessment score (e.g., a 3.75 co-location). The decision tree model uses a series of yes/no questions that cascade to a specific Level of Integrated Healthcare determination.

Jeanette Waxmonsky, Ph.D.
Andrea Auxier, Ph.D.
Pam Wise Romero, Ph.D.
Bern Heath, Ph.D.

Resource Keywords: Team Based Care, Behavioral Health Integration

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