Advancing-Team Based Care

The Advancing Team-Based Care Initiative builds off the Team-Based Care Initiative in which JSI collaborated with Leibig-Shepherd, the Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) and, the Center for Accelerating Care Transformation (ACT Center) at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (formerly known as the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation), to serve as technical assistance partners (TAP). The TAP assisted a cohort of 19 primary care practices (non-profit and private safety net providers) in optimizing their existing care teams to deliver coordinated, high quality care by working collaboratively with patients to accomplish shared goals.

In February 2020, the Colorado Health Foundation (CHF) launched the ATBC Initiative for safety-net organizations in Colorado. They partnered with JSI, CCHN, Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), and Think Equity (TE) to provide technical assistance (TA) to primary care organizations, to integrate an equitable and sustainable Team-based Care model. Working with 16 organizations across the state, the TA partners provided tailored coaching, peer-learning events, leadership sessions, and subject matter expertise. This initiative brought together experts from various fields to support clinics in achieving the quintuple aim: better care, happier patients, higher staff satisfaction, sustained costs and equity. It emphasized collaboration amongst and within healthcare organizations to enhance patient outcomes and resource utilization. The initiative also enhanced access to healthcare services in underserved areas by leveraging team members’ diverse skillsets. It was a great test case for how collaboration among technical assistance providers generates better, more sustained health outcomes.

The Colorado Health Foundation’s Commitment to Advancing Team-Based Care

In this video, the Colorado Health Foundation emphasizes their dedication to supporting Coloradans dealing with significant disparities in health equity and access to affordable, quality care. They highlight the numerous challenges, and advocate for a collaborative, team-based approach to addressing individuals’ overall health needs.

What is team-based care?

In this video, Alexia Eslan, Director, JSI Research & Training Institute breaks down the foundational blocks of team-based care and its aims to achieve better health outcomes for all.

Why is team-based care important?

This video illustrates the importance of team-based care and patient-centeredness through collaboration among healthcare professionals. By considering social factors and offering comprehensive support, this approach enhances health outcomes and supports the idea of partnership between healthcare providers and patients. 

How does team-based care impact clinics and staff?

This video shows how team-based care boosts clinic performance and staff satisfaction through teamwork, resulting in better patient outcomes and higher retention rates. It emphasizes using each team member’s strengths to improve care and promote collaboration. 

How does team-based care improve the work experience?

This video shows how team-based care enhances the work experience by encouraging collaboration and shared decision-making among healthcare team members. This helps maintain work-life balance, improves patient care, and fosters mutual learning and growth within the team. 

How does team-based care improve the patient experience?

Here, staff demonstrate how team-based care enhances the patient experience, as more frequent contact and access to comprehensive healthcare from integrated providers builds stronger patient-clinic bonds. It also ensures consistent, accessible care for everyone, regardless of location or background. 

Advancing Team-Based Care Collaborative Partnerships

This video highlights the collaboration among TA partner organizations (JSI, CCHN, NFF, TE) and the Colorado Health Foundation. The partnership aimed to enhance team-based care in organizations while integrating finance and equity, leveraging each partner’s unique areas of expertise. Through coaching, peer learning, and data assessment, the partnership sought to advance health equity and patient care. Coordination among teams was crucial to preventing burnout and ensuring seamless support. Even in the face of obstacles, the mutual learning process emphasized the critical role of expertise and communication among teams.

The TAP created many essential resources to support practices in their Team-Based Care journeys and hosted them on the Primary Care Team Guide website developed by staff at the ACT Center. The website provides “practical advice, resources, and models to help leaders and staff engaged in or considering practice transformation build more effective care teams and deploy them to optimize patient care.”

Resources created by the TAP include a TBC Change Package, tools for each of the major concepts of TBC, and webinar recordings on many of these key concepts.

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