Training & Technical Assistance

JSI delivers dynamic and innovative training and technical assistance solutions for a wide range of clients. They include the whole spectrum of organizations such as federal, state and local agencies; health care organizations and coalitions; community and advocacy organizations; and foundations. JSI’s services are evidence-informed, culturally targeted and designed to help organizations build their capacity to improve, expand, and transform their public health and health care services.

JSI’s overall approach is collaborative, mindful of an organization’s needs and priorities from a practical, budget-conscious perspective. Whether the service is technical assistance to facilitate an agency’s strategic planning process or skills-based training to build the competence and confidence of community health workers, JSI’s staff brings to every project its long experience, wide technical expertise and a dedication to excellence.

Training Development and Implementation

Through detailed discussions with its partners from the outset, JSI gains an understanding of the skills, knowledge and behaviors inherent in a program as the crucial first step in reaching its goals. The training that JSI develops is participant-centered, employs multiple modalities and media formats for the greatest possible impact. The training is accompanied by a process of continuous evaluation.

Instructional Design

JSI trainers draw on sound adult education practices to prepare participants to actually use new skills learned once they return to the workplace. Among the fundamental elements of JSI’s approach to instructional design are: the application of learning theory that is specific to adults and contains measurable objectives; the conduct of diligent subject-matter research; and task analysis, along with quantitative, qualitative and expert evaluation.

Distance Learning/eLearning

More organizations are turning to technology-enabled learning solutions in providing training and technical assistance. Working collaboratively with content experts, JSI’s instructional designers develop training and online courses from concept to production. JSI maintains a full-featured, state-of-the-art learning management system that supports online courses; face-to-face, instructor-led training; and “blended” learning.

Capacity Building

JSI draws on implementation science principles and evidence-based quality improvement strategies to guide organizations through system-wide change in support of improved client, patient, and community-level outcomes. The goal of JSI’s capacity building services is to produce sustainable change that enables organizations to better achieve their missions and ultimately impact health equity. To that end, JSI works closely with organizations to identify their strengths, assess needs, and develop cost-effective and person-centered strategies to enhance organizational infrastructure, practices, and staff skills and expertise. Capacity building services may include one-on-one and group technical assistance, targeted consultation, training, and mentoring.

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