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The underlying principles of leadership are universal. Whether you are looking for leadership development for executives, mid-level management, or front-line staff, JSI offers a wide-ranging leadership curricula that can be tailored to your needs. The goal is to support on-the-job leadership learning through learning groups, online content, mentorship from experts in the field, and in-person training sessions to ensure that individuals develop the skills they need to thrive.

Our leadership development approach builds upon individual strengths across three aspects of leadership: Consciousness, Competence, and Commitment – what we call C3.

    • Consciousness fosters the participant’s self-discovery to help them alter or expand their own conception of who they are as a leader and what is possible for them. 
    • Competence builds specific knowledge and skills that individuals need to become strong leaders, such as conflict management, teamwork and communication, strategic thinking, equity and inclusion, and more.
    • Commitment supports participants as they develop their own leadership plans and put into place the inner and outer discipline necessary to keep moving forward. Key modules include time management, project management, self care, emotional intelligence, and resiliency.

We tailor our stand-alone leadership development programs to fit the needs of our clients. Programs range between two days to twelve months, and can be narrowed to focus on a specific team, function, or level of responsibility. To learn more about our leadership development and coaching programs, please contact Alexia Eslan at 303-262-4319 or alexia_eslan@jsi.com.

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