JSI with partners Leibig-Shepherd, LLC, the Colorado Community Health Network and the Center for Accelerating Care Transformation (ACT Center) at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (formerly known as the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation), served as the technical assistance partner (TAP) for the Colorado Health Foundation‘s Team-Based Care Initiative (2015-2019). The TAP assisted a cohort of primary care practices (nonprofit and private safety net providers) to optimize existing care teams to deliver coordinated, high quality care by working collaboratively with patients to accomplish shared goals. For more information on the initiative click here.


Team-based care is important to the future of healthcare. It has shown to improve clinical outcomes, provide better access to care, improve support for complex patients, and reduce provider and staff burnout. In a team-based care approach the care of the patient is coordinated and managed by a team of staff and providers, that focus on the whole person. There is high level of communication and coordination within the care team and with the patient and family. Clinical staff, such as medical assistants and registered nurses, work at the top of their license, supporting providers to have more meaningful encounters with patients.

The TAP created many essential resources to support practices in their Team-Based Care journeys and utilized the Primary Care Team Guide website, developed by staff at the ACT Center, to provide “practical advice, resources, and models to help leaders and staff engaged in or considering practice transformation build more effective care teams and deploy them to optimize patient care.”

Resources created by the TAP include a TBC Change Package, tools for each of the major concepts of TBC, and webinar recordings on many of these key concepts.

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