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Learning collaboratives involve the dispersal and adoption of the skills, knowledge, services and interventions that are most effective in meeting the needs and goals of clients across multiple settings. Organizations plan, implement and test system changes by learning from one another and engaging in the process collaboratively. While the maintenance of effective, efficient, timely, and accessible communication is essential in any situation, it is of particular importance in a multidisciplinary team-based environment. Through learning collaboratives, organizations will have the benefits of networking, improving problem-solving skills, fostering critical thinking, and developing self-management skills.

Expertise at JSI

At JSI, this exchange of information is used for quality improvement, health care and practice transformation including behavioral health integration, networking, and more. Examples of such efforts include: Team Based Care, The Delta Center, HITEQ and others. If you are interested in learning more about these projects, visit our Projects page here.

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