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A Model for Advancing High Performance in PC and BH

To provide the best possible care to patients and thrive in new payment environments, community health centers (CHCs) and community behavioral health organizations (CBHOs)— two pillars of the safety net—are redesigning their workflows, infrastructure, and partnerships. With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net presents a Model for Advancing High Performance (MAHP) 2.0—a unified set of evidence-based actions and infrastructure necessary for CHCs and CBHOs to both provide high-quality, comprehensive care and succeed in value-based payment arrangements. MAHP 2.0 builds on the original MAHP, which was supported by the California Health Care Foundation and focused on primary care. MAHP 2.0 offers a greater emphasis on behavioral health, and its bidirectional integration into primary care, recognizing the power and importance of both sectors working together to improve people’s health and well-being and to control increasing health care expenditures

Resource Keywords: Behavioral Health Integration, primary care, Value Based Payment

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